Our Team

Thomas Broder, executive chef      thomas@broders.com

Charlie Broder, general manager      charlie@broders.com

At the Pasta Bar:

Nick Hoolihan, FOH manager      nickhoolihan.broders@gmail.com

At Terzo Vino Bar:

Dan Broder, Chef della Cucina      dan@broders.com

Mel Guse FOH Manager      melg.broders@gmail.com

At the Cucina:

Wendy Mergens, retail manager      wendy@broders.com

John Anderson, purchasing manager      john@broders.com

On-line Store:

Ann Richards, fulfillment manager      ann@broders.com


Molly Broder, president      molly@broders.com

Debby Swinney, office manager      debby@broders.com

Mary Enblom, inventory accounting manager      mary@broders.com