Pasta Bar Seating Policy

Broders’ Pasta Bar does not take reservations.

As a small neighborhood restaurant that doesn’t take reservations, we are able to give more customers the opportunity to enjoy our pasta. Broders’ recommends calling the restaurant an hour ahead of time to add your name to the call ahead list. ADDING YOUR NAME TO LIST DOES NOT ELIMINATE YOUR WAIT! Your wait will still start when you arrive at the restaurant, but it will give you an advantage opposed to just walking in. Adding your name to the list allows us to properly and fairly estimate wait times throughout the evening for all parties.

Because Broders’ is a very small restaurant with only 15 tables, parties of 6 or more are very difficult for us to accommodate. On most nights we are unable to seat parties of 8 or more. Please contact Broders’ after 4pm to inquire about availability for large parties.
Fridays & Saturdays are particularily busy and our guests can almost certainly count on extended waits.
Please feel free to contact Broders’ Pasta Bar after 4pm.

Phone: 612.925.9202