Daily Pasta Bar Menu

The art of fresh pasta

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fresh mozzarella marinated with celery, walnuts & cherries  5

olive ripiene

Sicilian green olives stuffed with fennel sausage, breaded & fried  5.5

olives marinata

olives marinated with oregano, garlic & crushed red pepper 5

mandorli speziate

rosemary spiced almonds 3



mozzarella di bufala

fresh buffalo’s milk mozzarella, eggplant, currants, pine nuts & cocoa caponata with focaccia crostini 10

aglio arrosto

whole roasted garlic, spicy tomato conserva, parsley-garlic oil & rosemary flatbread  8


a selection of salumi from Red Table served with house made accompaniments  12

verdure invernale

roasted sunchoke, shallot, green beans, lentils, oregano, Negroni dressing & frico  8

arancini bolognese

carnaroli rice, beef & pork fritters with Parmigiano cream     8


fresh Prince Edward Island mussels steamed with white wine, green peppercorns, herb & lemon, served with toasted garlic bruschetta 10


Insalata e zuppa

insalata di stagione

baby kale & frisee, gorgonzola, red wine poached pears, red onion, hazelnuts & pear vinaigrette

small 8
large 12


caesar salad

served classically with organic romaine, croutons, grana padano & house made Caesar dressing

small 7
large 11



cannellini bean, fennel & Parmigiano brodo, served with toasted garlic bruschetta 6


Pasta, Risotto e Gnocchi

1 spaghetti con salvia e pane

pasta with mâché, mascarpone & sage breadcrumbs   15

2 stringozzi alla Spoletina

house made pasta with tomatoes, olive oil & garlic served in the classic Umbrian style  11.5
(with vegetables add 2.50, Italian sausage & chicken add 3)

3  fettuccine con cinghiale

house made pasta with ragu of wild boar, figs, pine nuts, lacinato kale & mascarpone  16.5

4  ravioli di zucca

house made squash ravioli with brown butter, sage, spiced walnuts & Parmigiano   15.5

5  pappardelle con agnello

house made pasta with roasted lamb-eggplant ragu, olives & goat cheese  17.5

6 cannelloni di granchio

house made crab cannelloni with roasted red pepper & spicy tomato cream 16.5

7  linguine con vongole

house made pasta with little neck clams, red onion, pancetta,
spicy peppers & white wine  17

8  fettuccine con gamberi

house made pasta with white shrimp, chickpeas, lacinato kale, red onion, dill & feta  17

9  penne rosa al rosmarino

pasta with fresh rosemary, chilies, cream & tomato  12.5

10  rigatoni con salsicce e pepperoni

pasta with Broders’ Cucina spicy sausage, onion, tomato and bell peppers 14.5

11  quadrucci con pollo

house made pasta with fresh greens, roasted chicken breast, prosciutto, sliced almonds, asparagus, balsamic vinegar & mascarpone  17.5

12  fettuccine con salmone

house made pasta with fresh salmon, crimini mushrooms, spinach, capers & pistachios in a saffron cream  16.5

13  fettuccine alla Bolognese

house made pasta with the classic beef, pork & nutmeg ragu of Bologna 14.5

14  gnocchi verde

house made spinach ricotta gnocchi with chestnuts, arugula, pomegranates & pecorino cream 15.50

15  stringozzi con langostino

house made pasta with langostino lobster, roasted butternut squash & truffle cream 16.5

16  fettuccine con pollo e ciliegia

house made pasta with chicken, cherries & pomegranate ragu 17

17  spaghetti con polpette Calabresi

pasta with meatballs in the style of Calabria  14.5

18  tagliarini di Locanda del Lupo

house made pasta with prosciutto Rossa, truffle pesto & cream
~ specialty of Locanda del Lupo In Soragna, Italy  16.5

19  rigatoni con manzo

pasta with grass-fed beef tenderloin, tomato, Vahlrona cocoa, red wine, golden raisins & pine nuts  17

20  risotto con trota

carnaroli rice with local trout, saffron, tomatoes & tarragon  16.5

21 risotto con pollo e aglio

carnaroli rice with roasted chicken, red wine,
roasted garlic & herbs 15.5

Classics always available:

penne puttanesca

penne with plum tomatoes, crushed red pepper, anchovy, kalamata olives & capers 13

spaghetti cacio e pepe

spaghetti with Romano & black pepper 11

spaghetti aglio olio

spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, parsley, salt & pepper 10

spaghetti carbonara

spaghetti with pancetta, Parmigiano, Romano, egg & cream  12.5

fettuccine d’Alfredo

house made fettuccine with lemon infused alfredo butter 12.5

linguine with pesto Genovese

house made pasta with green beans, potatoes, basil pesto & pine nuts 14.5

risotto with chicken , lemon & herbs

carnaroli rice with chicken, lemon, asparagus, mint, basil & chives 14.5



crostata di pera

rustic pear & cranberry tart with cinnamon ice cream 6

pumpkin cheesecake

with walnut brittle, bourbon caramel & bourbon mascarpone  6.5

bestia nera

flourless chocolate cake with vanilla bean whipped cream & fresh berries 6.5


pastry shells filled with Sonny’s caramel nut ice cream topped
with homemade chocolate sauce 6.5


house made mascarpone 6.5

piccola pasticceria

chocolate truffle or biscotti  2.25

ice cream or sorbetto

assorted flavors of Sonny’s ice cream 6


Children’s Menu

(8 and under)


penne or cheese tortellini with sauce  6
choice of sauce:
• bolognese (tomato with meat),
• pomodoro (tomato basil)
• butter & cheese
• basil pesto


cheese, pepperoni or sausage 8

On Mondays kids eat free!  (one free kids meal per one adult meal- dine in only)

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