Great Food From Our Kitchen To Yours

pick up or drop off catering for any occasion

If you are feeding a large group, planning a pizza party or need that special treat to take to a party, this is where you start! Broders’ offers freshly prepared trays & platters perfect for any occasion. Delivery is available at courier rates. Please ask when placing your order.

Call 612.925.3113 to place your “Grande” order.

24 hour advance notice is recommended.

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Quick Go-To Guide



Chicken Skewers

local Kadejan chicken, brined, seasoned and baked on skewers. With red pepper almond pesto
36 pc  60

Beef Tenderloin  (48 hr notice please)

balsamic-marinated roasted, sliced & served cold. With roasted garlic aioli & arugula.
approx 40 slices 140

Honey Smoked Atlantic Salmon  (24 hour notice please)

served with lemon-dill mascarpone, capers, red onion & arugula.
approx 4 lb fillet 120

Stuffed Mushrooms

with basil pesto & roasted tomatoes
(in foil pan – warming instructions included)
36 pc 45

Taleggio Cups

Taleggio cheese topped with house-made fruit mostarda in puff pastry cups
(in foil pan – warming instructions included)
24 pc 40

Antipasto Skewers

piccante salame, slow roasted tomato, olives & provolone cheese
36 pc  60

Shrimp Skewers

poached shrimp with Italian parsley gremolata- 2 shrimp per skewer
36 pc  75

Antipasto Assortment

three types of salami, stuffed piquillo peppers, olives, marinated bell peppers, grilled artichokes
Small: 8-12 svg  55
Large: 16-20 svg  99

Cheese Assortment

wedges of imported Italian cheese, housemade mostarda, dried fruits, rosemary-toasted almonds
Small: 8-12 svg  50
Large: 16-20 svg  95

Grilled Vegetable Tray

grilled seasonal vegetables dressed with bagna verde (anchovy-caper vinaigrette with fresh herbs)
Small: 8-12 svg  35
Large: 16-20 svg  60

Stromboli Tray

pizza dough rolled with three signature fillings: classic meat, chicken or veggie – cut into bite-sized pieces, served with sugo Betti
Small: 24 pc  29
Large: 48 pc  50


grilled & garlic-rubbed baguette served with three toppings: tomato-basil, marinated artichoke & roasted pepper-pine nut-raisin
36 pc  45

Fulton Flatbread & Spreads

Broders’ signature flatbread, herb & garlic mascarpone, roasted red pepper mascarpone, olivata nera, olivata Siciliana
8-12 svg  45

Caprese Skewers

skewers of olive oil dressed grape tomatoes, ciliengine (small fresh mozzarella balls) & fresh basil
36 pc  48

“Pigs & Figs”

Broders’ spicy Italian sausage skewered with balsamic glazed figs
(in foil pan-warming instructions included)
36 pc  48

Gorgonzola & Rosemary Puffs

savory bite-sized pastry with gorgonzola and rosemary
(in foil pan – warming instructions included)
24 pc  24

Savory Focaccia

Choose from:

  • Genovese pesto with assorted vegetables and olives (pictured)
  • Roasted tomato, shaved fennel, gorgonzola
  • Roasted grape, goat cheese, caramelized onions, rosemary

24 pc  45



Box Lunch

with choice of sandwich, chips or deli salad & dessert (can have salad and chips for $1.00 more)

South Jersey Hoagie

Genoa salami, capicolla ham, provolone, romaine, tomatoes, onion, crushed hot peppers, oil & vinegar dressing – on baguette

Tuna Pan Bagna

tuna mixed with extra virgin olive oil, black olives & capers, served with roasted red peppers & arugula – on baguette


fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, roma tomatoes, olive oil – on baguette

Ham & Provolone

roasted ham, provolone cheese, mixed greens with Dijon mustard – on focaccia


with fresh mozzarella, olivada Siciliana, roasted red peppers, romaine – on focaccia


house roasted turkey, spicey tomato jam, crispy speck, arugula – on focaccia


provolone, romaine, tomato, onions, roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, crushed hot peppers, oil & vinegar dressing – on baguette

Rachel’s chips-traditional or parmesan-garlic $1.00/bag

  • Salads
  • Farfalle con Pesto
  • Fusilli alla Rosticiada
  • Antipasto Salad
  • Farro Salad
  • Seasonal-Chef’s Choice
  • Desserts
  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Lemon Bar
  • Seasonal Fruit Bar
  • Cappuccino Brownie

Sandwich Tray

choose any combination of sandwiches described above, cut in thirds & arranged on tray
5   sandwiches (15 pc)  48
10 sandwiches (30 pc)  95



We also feature seasonal deli salads. Call for the current choices – 612.925.3113

Farfalle con Pesto

butterfly shaped pasta with basil pesto, pine nuts & blanched green beans

Fusilli Rosticiada

corkscrew pasta, caramelized onions, gorgonzola, pancetta, arugula, garlic-olive oil dressing

Farro Salad

with pecorino Romano,tomato, kalamata olive, olive oil & arugula

Antipasto Salad

salami, provolone, marinated bell peppers, chick peas, fennel seed, olive oil

Roasted Beet Salad

roasted beets, fresh orange, red onion, arugula, balsamic vinegar 14/lb

Goat Cheese-Stuffed Piquillo Peppers




(All salads are arranged in bowl with tongs, dressing on side)

House Salad

mixed greens, julienne carrots, grape tomatoes, chopped pistachios, red wine-shallot vinaigrette
Family: 4-6  15
Grande: 8-12  28

Caesar Salad

fresh cut romaine, Grana Padano, croutons, Caesar dressing (extra anchovies on request)
Family: 4-6  15
Grande: 8-12  28

Emilia Salad

mixed greens, prosciutto, pine nuts, red onion, Grana Padano cheese, garlic-balsamic vinaigrette
Family: 4-6  18
Grande: 8-12  34

Greek Salad

fresh cut romaine, green peppers, cucumber, feta, kalamata olives, chickpeas, grape tomatoes, lemon vinaigrette
Family: 4-6  18
Grande: 8-12  34



Pasta Sugo Betti

pasta with our classic simmered tomato sauce. Choose spaghetti or penne
8-10 svg  52     4-6 svg  26

Spaghetti & Meatballs

pasta with our classic simmered tomato sauce and our beef & pork meatballs
8-10 svg  68     4-6 svg  34

Pasta Pomodoro

pasta with our fresh tomato-basil sauce. Choose spaghetti or penne
8-10 svg  52     4-6 svg  26

Rigatoni with Sausage & Peppers

pasta with pomodoro, spicy or mild sausage, peppers, onions, Romano cheese
8-10 svg  68     4-6 svg  34

Spaghetti Bolognese

pasta with our classic Bolognese meat sauce
8-10 svg  68     4-6 svg  34

Penne Rosmarino

pasta with a light rosemary-tomato cream sauce
8-10 svg  68     4-6 svg  34
add chicken  +20
add vegetables  +12

Penne Gorgonzola & Spinach

pasta with gorgonzola cream sauce, fresh spinach
8-10 svg  68     4-6 svg  34
add chicken  +20
add vegetables  +12

Mac n’ Cheese

penne, three cheeses, Roma tomatoes, crouton crumbs
8-10 svg  68     4-6 svg  34


ricotta-filled crepes baked with bechamel & sugo Betti
8-10 svg  68     4-6 svg  34

Lasagna Siciliana

house made egg pasta layered with mild Italian sausage, cheese & sugo Betti
12 svg  60     6 svg  35

Lasagna di Spinaci

house made spinach pasta layered with spinach, onions, cheese & sugo Betti.
12 svg  60     6 svg  35

Lasagna Bolognese (24 hr notice)

house made spinach pasta layered with classic Bolognese sauce, bechamel & three cheeses
12 svg  60     6 svg  35

Pesto Lasagna (24 hr notice)

house made egg & spinach pasta layered with Genovese pesto, asparagus & pine nuts
12 svg  60     6 svg  35



Glazed Salmon  (48 hour notice please)

fresh salmon fillet  glazed with mustard and brown sugar.
Ready to serve room temp.
8-10 svg  125


local grass-fed beef & Berkshire pork, served in sugo Betti, our classic long-simmered tomato sauce
8-10 svg  44

Sausage with Peppers & Onions

local Berkshire pork sausage (spicy or mild) with sauteed bell peppers, onion, pomodoro
svg  44

Chicken Parmigiana

local Kadejan chicken breast with a light parmesan crust, melted provolone, pomodoro
8-10 svg  66

Eggplant Parmigiana

oven roasted eggplant layered with cheeses, pomodoro sauce, crouton crumbs.
12 svg  60


CONTORNI (side dishes)

Green Beans & Tomatoes

braised green beans & tomatoes with parsley & scallions.
serves 8-10 35

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

oven roasted red skin potatoes & fresh rosemary.
serves 8-12 30

Bread Stuffing

with wild mushrooms & sausage
serves 8-12 35

Potato-Leek Gratin

red skin potatoes & leeks, with egg, cream & grana Padano.
Sliced layered & baked.
serves 8-12 30

Root Vegetable Mashed Potatoes

russet potatoes with parsnips, celery root & garlic.
serves 8-12 40



Italian Bread Assortment

grissini, flatbread, focaccia & pane villagio
Small  12
Large  24

Baguette Accompaniment

three baguettes-sliced & arranged on tray  15


classic long loaf  4.00


brushed with olive oil & herbs  3.75

Pane Villagio

homemade, crusty, rustic loaf  3.75

Fulton Flatbread

crispy sheets of seasoned goodness  3.75



Sweet Selection

truffles, bars & cookies
Small: 10-15 svg  30
Large: 20-25 svg  60

Bestia Nera  45

rich flourless chocolate cake

Tiramisu Cake  45

an Italian classic, with mascarpone, marsala, ladyfingers, cocoa and espresso

Cheesecake   call for current selection

Rustic Pie   call for current selection

Cappuccino Brownie 2.50

Seasonal Fruit Bar 2.50

Lemon Pistachio Bar 2.50

Cannoli-Ricotta 2.75

Cannoli-Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse 2.75

Chocolate dipped Truffle 1.75

call 612.925.3113 to place your order